Cervical cancer

    Thu,09 February 2012

    CERVICAL CANCER (neck, endometriosis) - is one of the most potentially curable forms of cancer, but it is still often leads to death. Typically, cancer begins in the cervix - the narrow part, where

    How do allergy shots work?

    Sat,11 February 2012

    Getting monthly allergy shots certainly isn't your idea of fun — much less your child's. But it might be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Successful treatment with allergy

    Allergy shots (immunotherapy) for allergic rhinitis

    Fri,31 May 2013

    Allergy shots (immunotherapy) for allergic rhinitis When you get allergy shots (immunotherapy), your allergist or doctor injects small doses of substances that you are allergic to (aller

    Mental health treatment

    Tue,31 January 2012

    Source: American Psychological Association half of Americans have had someone in their household seek mental health treatment, but most still perceive cost and lack of insurance coverage as barrier

    Gastric cancer

    Sun,29 January 2012

    Risk Factors In the United States, gastric cancer ranks 14th in incidence among the major types of cancer malignancies. While the precise etiology is unknown, acknow
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